To be honest, I feel I don’t know much about poetry. I just put my heart on the page and see where it takes me.


Stars poking holes through the night time,
Their vast beauty makes me realize,
What a small place we really occupy,
I think I'm in love with the night's sky.
But when I watch the world go by...
Where am I?
Roller Coasters
 Summer days, rays of sunshine,
 What if she would become mine?
 Always fun and never boring,
 So exciting, what's your story?
 Nevermind, there's much to do,
 Take my hand, or I'll follow you,
 Is this too good to be true?
 Or maybe that's love,
 I think this is love,
 Running around,
 Holding you close,
 Screaming on this roller coaster.
 Autumn days,
 Hiding out from the rain,
 I hate to see you all in pain,
 Don't you dare slip away,
 I promise it'll be okay,
 Everybody has their problems,
 I'll be here, I'll help you solve them,
 We can work on it together,
 Let's both of us make this thing better,
 All the storms that we can weather,
 So caught up since I met her,
 But I gave up a lot for this,
 Should have always known the risk,
 To the bedroom, used to carry her,
 But now there's just this fucking barrier,
 In her heart, there's no more "we",
 She treats me like an enemy,
 And now I'm stuck on the outside,
 No matter how she tries to hide,
 I see how broken she is inside,
 Guess now I'm just here for the ride,
 Going down, down, down,
 Screaming on this roller coaster.
 Winter days,
 In a haze, in a daze,
 Hoping this is just a phase,
 She stares into a crooked mirror,
 There's nothing I can do from here,
 I sit and watch all your fears,
 All your anger, insecurities,  
 All your hatred, destroy everything,
 I'm helpless as I see the girl I knew,
 Become a monster through and through,
 You'll just destroy both me and you.
 I fell into your honey trap,
 But then I felt that thing go snap,
 I've woken up, but something's wrong,
 Was that a dream all along?
 This place I'm in now is so far out there,
 You turned this into a horrid nightmare,
 That girl I thought that I once knew,
 She fades away, and now there's you.
 All I first saw was on the surface,
 Always trying to act perfect,
 But underneath, a self-serving purpose,
 Nothing you said was ever earnest,
 I tried so hard to be good,
 Did everything I thought I could,
 I've never felt so misunderstood,
 I don't think this is love,
 This can't be love,
 I've had enough,
 Of screaming on this roller coaster. 

If I could somehow illustrate,
In one fell stroke, all of my pain,
If I could show the world my rage,
Unleash it; release it from this cage
(Bitter) Memories 
My heart is sinking,  
And what should I do?  
Turn to drinking?  
Like an alcoholic?  
Pretend this hole in my heart doesn't exist?  
Just like this drink,    
My feelings are mixed,  

Is our relationship something we can even preserve?  
The truth is my burden is something you don't deserve,  
I have to go,  
And be alone,  
To get through it all,  
On my own,  
Maybe we will forget,  
All in good time,  
My hand in yours,  
And your hand in mine,  
But I had to go,  
I had to leave,  
We were stubborn,  
We were naive,  
I don't blame you,  
But you can blame me,  
After all this time,  
Maybe I still believe,  
Those kids we were,  
Were meant to be. 

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