I am a university graduate with a keen interest in society, culture, religion and philosophy. Obtaining my degree involved large amounts of research, reading and writing. With the skills I have honed, I plan on sharing my knowledge and perspective through this blog. Words are a clunky way of communicating, but I hope that by the end of everything I write, I have gotten my point across. Learn with me; we can explore together.


Below is a condensed list of topics I plan on getting into:

  • Perception and human consciousness
  • The inseparable environment
  • The history of religion
  • Aboriginal belief systems, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism (and possibly more)
  • Northwestern culture disseminated globally
  • Cultural theory, popular culture and the media
  • Capitalism, communism, socialism, labels, labels, labels
  • Philosophy and outlook on life
  • Health and wellness: mental health, physical health – two sides of the same coin

Perhaps there are no answers, only questions.


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